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Odaiba day trip

Odaiba is a waterfront area to the east of Tokyo city, its a reclaimed land island and a popular spot, especially on the weekends for tourists and locals alike. I’ve been there a few times, as there is a “Bills” restaurant there and every now and again I crave scrambled eggs for breakfast, so if in Tokyo I hop onto the…

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Toshiba Museum., Kawasaki

 The Toshiba Science Museum is located close to Kawasaki Station, south of central Tokyo. The museum encompasses 3 main parts, the history of Toshiba including details about the original founders and their philosophy and early inventions; a display of many of the “firsts” invented by Toshiba over the years, in many different markets and a permanent exhibition that is both…

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Hie Shrine, Tokyo

This lovely Shinto shrine and grounds is very close to the centre of Tokyo, hidden behind the DIET building. Its open most days from 5 am – 6pm and is a really tranquil place in one of the worlds busiest cities. The original shrine was built in 1478 in the grounds of Edo castle, which is now the site of…

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Sakura viewing at Chidorigafuchi and Yasukuni shrine

I had a few spare hours one morning in Tokyo in early April, which was just as the Cherry Blossom was peaking there, so  I caught the subway over towards the Imperial Palace and the Chidorigafuchi moat, which is one of a dozen different moats around the palace, that are known for their spectacular Cherry Blossoms. The Cherry Blossoms are absolutely…

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Tokyo Craft Fair

The 58th Tokyo craft fair was held in late January on the 11th floor of the Takashimaya Department store in Shinjuku.   I had to go to Tokyo for another reason, and wasn’t really so close to Shinjuku, but the concept of this fair really interested me.  It was based around crafts that were common in Tokyo during the Edo period…

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Nihonbashi Bridge, Tokyo

Nihonbashi bridge is a very historic site in Tokyo. Nihonbashi actually translates to Japan Bridge.  It is in the Chuo district of Tokyo and has linked the areas on either side of the river at this site since the 17th century.  It was initially a wooden bridge and was first constructed in 1603. From reading about it, it appears that this…

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Senkakuji is a small Sōtō Zen Buddhist temple in Minato-ku district in Tokyo not far from Shinagawa station.  It is famous for the graves of the 47 Ronin one of Japan’s most well-known stories and the most famous story of the Samurai code of “Bushido” – courage, loyalty and honor. The story of the 47 ronin began with an attack…

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Yurakucho “Yakitori Alley”

Yurakucho station is one stop south of Tokyo Station along the JR Yamanote Line. It is also next to the glitzy Ginza district with all its high class shops, restaurants and entertainment. Yurakucho is, for me anyway, a bit more down to earth, old fashioned and relaxed –  and a lot cheaper to eat.. One of the big  attractions for me is a…

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Shibuya, Tokyo

The Shibuya area is a lively area of Tokyo famous for shops,  Neon signs, stores like Shibuya 109, Tokyu hands and Loft    Many of the fashion and fun trends in Japan have their birthplace in Shibuya. The main entry point into the area around is Shibuya station and there are  couple of famous things about this station. First of…

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