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Moto GP Motegi

Tochigi is home to Twin Ring Motegi, a dual circuit race track in the town of Motegi.  Originally opened in 1997 it was originally built by Honda and the area also houses the Honda museum featuring historic cars from both production and racing. The twin ring comes from it having 2 tracks, an oval race track and a road course.…

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Otawara & Nasu (local area), Tochigi Prefecture, Tourist attractions

Nakagawa Aquarium

Nakagawa Aquarium is on the Nakagawa River in Otawara, Tochigi Prefecture. There are lots of freshwater fish and a tropical fish aquarium with a tunnel you can walk through.  Everything is in Japanese, but still very interesting and a fun day out. Admission is just a few hundred yen and as a rule open from Tuesday to Sunday. Nakagawa Aquarium

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Nikko National Park is in Tochigi prefecture and about an hours drive from home..  It a huge area containing many interesting sights, walks, historical buildings and other tourist spots.  Nikko is a town within the National Park which is probably most famous for its World Heritage temples and shrines. The main temples and shrines being Rinno-ji; Temple, Toshogu Shrine and…

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Yatai Festival 2015

April 18th and 19th 2015 saw the annual Yatai Festival or Matsuri, a local weekend of music, food and fun in downtown Otawara, Tochigi prefecture.  The Yatai festival is an annual spring festival in the calendar. Yatai are traditionally smallish, mobile food stalls in Japan typically selling ramen or other food. The name literally means “shop stand.”  The Yatai at the festival however, are…

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Otawara & Nasu (local area), Temples & Shrines, Tochigi Prefecture

Daoji Temple, Kurobane, Tochigi

I’ve visited Daoji a number of times,its one of my favorite temples.  The gardens are wonderful regardless of the time of year, they look stunning, but each time it looks so different, depending on the season. It’s a working Soto Zen temple that is more than 600 years old  – established in 1404.  Within the complex are 7 thatched buildings are…

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