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Lucky KitKat

KitKat is another brand that goes into seasonal and regional overdrive here in Japan.  Over the years there have been over 300 different flavors of KitKat sold here in Japan.

Flavors are often regionally based and are quite sort after as gifts. With the flavors coming from and being sold in the regions they are famous for… ie Okinawa purple potatoes or Wasabi from Shizuoka prefecture.   One of the reasons is by lucky chance, that a company born in Newcastle, England picked the name it did.  In Japanese it sounds very similar to “Kitto Katsu,” a phrase meaning “You will surely win” in Japanese.A phrase used often, but in particular around exam time.  So a KitKat makes a perfect message & gift for a student from family & friends,

Interestingly the top flavor in 2010 was Soy sauce, sorry I missed that .. Arriving in 2011 as i did…

KitKat also has its own dedicated stored here as well.  There are now “Chocolatory” stores in most major cities and they sell a whole other kind of KitKat, its more like a patisserie that a sweet shop. Complete with KitKat history..



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