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Haagen Daaz Ice Cream

Haagen Daaz in Japan are quite different to the Haagen daaz in the rest of the world, they are continually bringing out new flavors just for Japan.  I hear there are 40 flavors available in Japan that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  To add to the allure, many of the flavors are seasonal.. Every season has its “special”  limited edition flavors, some come back in other years and some are never seen again.  the 711 Kombini store is always full of new treats….They are small tubs around 100g, so you need to eat a few to overload..

Some are entirely strange pairings, but I haven’t found one I didn’t like so far.  Although I wasn’t that enthusiastic about the vegetable ones.  Purple potato was good and so was pumpkin, but the orange/carrot and tomato/cherry weren’t return games for me..  The special “Decorations” editions (“Cheese Berry Cookie” “Banana Caramel Cookie” ) last year were delicious, but they have been gone a while now.

The website regularly updates addicts as to the latest flavors and their release date.. Click Here

I note on the web page there is one coming out mid August called Salty Butter Biscuit.. which sounds perfect !

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