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Sushi Train

Another Sushi fast food place is the Sushi train chain Uobei (Genki Sushi).  They have a few stores here in Otawara and many all over Japan.  They also have an English language website which is helpful finding a restaurant.

These restaurants are many small booths along a long line and basically you order from a tablet, and the food is delivered to you along the train track alongside each booth.  The tablet has an English language section and is easy to navigate.

When your order is arriving you get a message and you basically pay by the plate. Once you have taken it from the train, you click th message to say you got it and the train returns to the kitchen.   At the end you pay at the counter on the way out.  Some sites you can also reserve online, especially on the weekends, when it gets busy.  Most dishes are 108¥…

And their french fries are good.


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