Japan, Otawara & Nasu (local area)

Ima Cheese delights in Nasu

Ima is a local cheese farm in the Nasu area. I cant believe I’ve been here almost 6 years and only just found it – especially given my love of cheese..  Anyway they make cow & goat cheese in a number of styles.. Including washed rind cheeses, and fresh cheeses.  I also read somewhere that one of the Japanese airlines…

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Nature, Otawara & Nasu (local area)

Late Spring

I love this time of year, end of spring, beginnings of summer.  Maybe the weather isn’t so stable, but on the fine days its lovely to walk or cycle around, lots of color and everything is lush and green.. Nature at its best.  I usually cycle around on the weekend doing my shopping and often stop to take a picture…

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Japan, Tokyo, Tourist attractions

Odaiba day trip

Odaiba is a waterfront area to the east of Tokyo city, its a reclaimed land island and a popular spot, especially on the weekends for tourists and locals alike. I’ve been there a few times, as there is a “Bills” restaurant there and every now and again I crave scrambled eggs for breakfast, so if in Tokyo I hop onto the…

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