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Unshoji Temple

Unshoji – a Shingon Buddhist Temple in Nishinasuno area also known as the Cloud temple. This beautiful temple in wooded grounds north of Nishinasuno station, is a peaceful and lovely walk. The entire woods are dotted with amazing statues including an large and impressive Fudo-myo near the main entrance In all there are 33 buddha statues throughout the grounds, as…

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Ayu in Kurobane

Ayu or sweetfish is a small (7 cm or so) local fish caught in this area, actually its caught in many parts of Japan and Asia.   It’s called sweetfish, because it really has a sweet flavour.   They have been caught in the Naka River (Nakagawa) near Kurobane for hundreds of years. There are a number of traditional ways to catch…

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Heisei-no-mori Forest is located in Nasu-Yumoto area, surrounded by the beautiful Nasu highlands. The forest once belonged to the Nasu Imperial Villa, in 2008 a part of the forest attached to the Imperial villa was opened to the general public as a way for people to get in touch with nature in a large area (approximately 560 hectares -1,380 acres)…

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