Cultural, Temples & Shrines, Tochigi Prefecture

House Utsunomiya

Not far from Mashiko is area that contains a temple, 2 shrines and a cemetery –  All related to the Utsunomiya clan.. There’s a lot of history in this one small area. Jizoin Temple (1338-1574) Okura Jinja (807) Tsuna Jinja (1194), Cemetery of the Utsunomiya Clan (1194).  The cemetery has 33 generations of Lords of the House Utsunomiya This is the…

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Japanese food, Otawara & Nasu (local area), Tochigi Prefecture

Namakemono – The “Lazy Baker”

Namakemono (no pan-ya) is an unusual bakery near my home that bakes amazing European style bread.  The name itself translates to the “Lazy Baker” but that’s not at all true as you can see. I first discovered this place about 6 months after I arrived in Japan and whenever I’m here in Japan I make sure I have a supply. Usually getting 3 or 4 loaves…

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Nature, Otawara & Nasu (local area), Tochigi Prefecture

Nasu Autumn

Autumn in Japan is spectacular and Nasu Autumn is right up there with the best areas.   These are just a few photos from last weekend in Otawara & the Nasu Highland area.  Like Cherry Blossom time, but in reverse, you can track the color change as it moves down the country in the Autumn months. This was early November…

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Festivals, Tochigi Prefecture

Mashiko Pottery Fair November 2014

Mashiko Pottery Fair is held twice a year in the small pottery town of Mashiko is a small town in south east Tochigi that is famous for its pottery industry. There are hundreds of potters living and working here and almost 400 different styles in this one small town in Tochigi. I’ve written about it before, but each time you…

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