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Nihonbashi Bridge, Tokyo

Nihonbashi bridge is a very historic site in Tokyo. Nihonbashi actually translates to Japan Bridge.  It is in the Chuo district of Tokyo and has linked the areas on either side of the river at this site since the 17th century.  It was initially a wooden bridge and was first constructed in 1603. From reading about it, it appears that this…

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Otawara & Nasu (local area), Tochigi Prefecture

My House in Japan

Many people ask me about my house in Japan, i suspect that they think that it is tiny.. Especially compared to my home in Australia.. It is smaller than my Perth home, but my Sydney apartment for 6 years was pretty much the same size. Total size is about 73 sq m, its a 2 storey maisonette, like  2 storey town house in a block of…

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