Japanese food

Bento and Kyaraben

Bento is a boxed lunch available in Japan, originally a home packed lunch in a neatly packed box and containing rice, meat, vegetable, egg, fish pickles etc..The box is partitioned so that the food retains its flavor and identity, as well as the food arrangement is always pleasing to look at. You can buy Bento everywhere in Japan, any train station has a variety…

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Cultural, Temples & Shrines


Ema are small wooded plaques that you can buy at many Shinto shrines and write on the back of them your wish, or hope and you leave them hanging at a specific place in the grounds of the Shrine so your wish may come true.The Ema usually has an image on one side that represents something about this shrine.. At…

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Temples & Shrines, Tochigi Prefecture

Shrines and Temples

Today I went to visit both a Shrine and a Temple and I realized that in fact I do now know the difference, although I have spent a lot of my time in Japan not being certain.. There are two main religions in Japan, Shintoism and Buddhism and one of them has shrines and the other temples and for the…

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