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Seiji Fujishiro Gallery in Nasu

Seiji Fujishiro’s is a Kiri-e artist. Kiri-e is the Japanese art of cut-out art, fashioned after the principle of silhouettes. He uses three layers of paper behind glass and back lit. The works are displayed in a dark exhibit area that further enhances the effect. This technique doesn’t transfer well to printed matter or photographs so what you see here is far less impressive than…

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KinugawaOnsen (鬼怒川温泉?) is a hot spring resort  that is quite close to where I live.  Actually I didn’t know about it at all and was driving through the countryside and I came across this town, with a huge amount of big hotels and infrastructure – in the middle of “nowhere” – anyway it turned out to be Kinugawa onsen.. Discovered in in the early Meiji period as an…

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Aizu Wakamatsu

Aizu-Wakamatsu is a castle town north west of where I live with a long samurai tradition. We decided to go there one weekend for a look around, its a couple of hours drive, so not so far.  On the way there we went around Lake Inawashiro which was beautiful with the Autumn colors. The Aizu Dai Jibo Kannon is on the edge…

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