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The Hakuba valley is in Nagano prefecture, within the Japanese Alps.  The valley has a huge infrastructure for skiers and snowboaders with 10 different  ski resorts, over 200 runs, more than 130 lifts, all around the Hakuba village which is well stocked with bars, restaurants, ski /snowboard shops, and onsen.. What else could you ask for? Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium…

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Kyoto Feb 2013

I love Kyoto, every time I go there I think I should spend more time visiting.. Kyoto sort of epitomizes ancient Japan, to the visitor anyway.  It’s full of tradition, temples & shrines, glorious food and Geisha.. It sort of starts at Kyoto station, this huge great modern glass and steel building, with so many escalators up,  I can’t remember…

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Shinnenkai 2013

This year we went to “Ooami Yumori Tanakaya” onsen for our “welcome the New Year “party or Shinnenkai.. From the outside you would not give this place much of a second look, but you would be seriously wrong…  It’s often called Tanakaya onsen or Oomori onsen, I’ve been a few times and always think it’s a new place because of…

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Tsukiji Fish Market

The Tsukiji Fish Market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world and also one of the largest wholesale food markets of any kind. Every year it handles half-a-million tonnes of seafood and generates more than $20 billion in revenue. The market is also a major attraction for foreign visitors –  which is actually going to be…

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